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  • Guided tours with flexible durations, at the time of your choosing (from dawn to dusk), that best fit your schedule.

  • Easygoing, no-brainer tours that will please both amateurs and history buffs.

  • And also business services that will adjust to your current challenges.


Musée du Louvre, Paris

The Marais, the all-time fashionable neighborhood


The Eiffel tower and its surroundings, at the heart of French-American history


Masterpieces of Orsay, the temple of Impressionism

Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Montmartre, the legendary district of Parisian artists



And more.
For any special request, feel free to contact Ed, your private tour guide in Paris and France.

Day tours

Not your first time in Paris? Take some time to discover some of the jewels that the Paris region has to offer. From old medieval castles to amazing art collections, the region hosts many gems that are often overlooked by first-time visitors. A great way to avoid crowds of tourists!

Half-day tours

Are you history buffs? Art aficionados? Then let me take you to my favorite places around Paris.

Tours in Normandy

I also lead tours in the Normandy region. Be it the D-day beaches, beautiful landscapes, and of course the famous Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy has many wonders to offer!

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