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Bonjour! I’m Evrard – but most people call me Ed. I’d like to share my passion for European history with you. Born in Paris to an American father and a French mother, I’ll go all out to build bridges between you and the amazing culture you’re about to discover.

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."

French writer Gustave Flaubert

As a kid I was fascinated by castles and the Middle-Ages. But then came the time to be reasonable. So after high-school I went to study business administration. Always looking for some adventure, I worked for close to ten years as a project manager in both corporations and NGOs, in various countries and environments.
Then, in 2017, within a few months I visited Charlemagne’s chapel in Aachen (Germany), and the Castle of the Moors in Sintra (Portugal). Two testimonies of European history before the year 1000, at a time when Frankish Christian Europe and Arab Muslim Europe were two sides of the same coin.
There, in Sintra, in front of the fortress, my childhood dreams all come back to me. I’m thinking that we forget how Europe is so amazingly diverse. From Greece to Iceland, from Andalusia to Lapland, so many cultures and civilizations have intertwined! And France, being a crossroads of Europe, is a marvelous terrain to discover the wonders and history of the continent.
​So I packed my things and quit my office job to train as a tour guide, so as to become a storyteller, to share those multiple histories with others and together to reflect on our common History.
Today, as a professional tour guide and proud alumni of the Conservatory of arts and crafts, my goal is to help you discover famous and less famous places and monuments, in Paris and France. I’m also a certified driver-guide, which means I can drive you to, say, Normandy and the D-day beaches.
​If I had to name 3 of my favorites sites in France I would say the Vincennes castle, for its dungeon and its illustrious prisoners; the Chantilly domain, for its museum with artworks displayed as if in a collector’s home; the Jacobin convent, in Toulouse, and the incredible wall paintings of its Saint Antonin chapel.
​I love: sitting on the grass in the park in Chantilly, grinding my coffee like our grandparents did, listening to Jazz in the Latin quarter in Paris.
Apart from a guide, I am: a stage actor, a tireless traveler, an enthusiastic horseback rider.
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