Virtual tours

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Paris from the comfort of your home? It is now possible! Thanks to modern technology, I'll take you on a live journey to some of my favorite places in the city. All you need is an internet access.


'Emily in Paris' virtual tour

Follow Emily in Paris, and discover where she works, where she jogs, where she spends her lunch breaks... Plus, let's discuss differences between French and American culture: are French bosses really that mean? Is French society that sexist? Is speaking the language a must if you come to France? And everything you've always wanted to know about the French.


The Latin quarter

The Quartier Latin has been the students' quarter for the past 800 years. The famous Sorbonne university, the grandiose Pantheon and the Saint-Michel boulevard are among the iconic landmarks of the neighborhood. And as we wander the streets, and discover many secret gems along the way...

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